***All classes are 5:1 ratio

STEAM Classes in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics and so much more. Have fun by learning in a hands on small group environment. Classes get progressively more challenging throughout the year and based on age group. Some classes are taught on computers and require the student to bring in their own devices. 


Dive into the math world in a fun, hands on environment. We make math fun again.  Math becomes an exciting subject by incorporating the use of games and math manipulative to learn various mathematical concepts. Classes are not structured to reflect the school curriculum but rather to enhance and broaden the student's understanding of mathematical concepts. 


Learn the mathematical algorithms that make up the backbone of all computer content. This is not a click and drag class but the real deal. We start off by learning the computer language Python. Classes range from beginner to advanced based on age group. This class requires a laptop.


A huge part of the STEM curriculum. Learn to make, program and take apart various robotics machines. Learn how things work, what's inside and discover that robots are not just metal buddies but an integral part of the real world, starting from factories that make our food to the operating room. This class requires a laptop.


STEM classes with the focus on Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality.  If you love virtual reality and always wanted to learn how to create the amazing world you see through the viewer then this class is for you. Imagine, create and watch the worlds you dream up come to life. You will learn the coding behind the colorful graphics. This class requires a laptop.

Game Designs

If you love playing video games and want to create your own then this class is for you. You will create the characters and the environments. Maybe you will make the next MUST HAVE game? This class requires a mobile device.

*** Student to teacher ratio is maintained at 5:1 for all of the classes