***All classes are 5:1 ratio

STEAM Classes in science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics and so much more. Have fun by learning in a hands on small group environment. Classes get progressively more challenging throughout the year and based on age group. Some classes are taught on computers and require the student to bring in their own devices. 


STEM classes are hands-on classes, including topics in biology, physics, chemistry, math and more. Different topics on the STEM spectrum get introduced throughout the year. These classes will not require electronic devices.


Learn the mathematical algorithms that make up the backbone of all computer content. This is not a click and drag class but the real deal. We start off by learning the computer language Python/HTML. Classes range from beginner to advanced based on age group. 

This class requires a laptop.

Robotics Club (invitational - 2 hour)

Robotics Club for children in grades 5-8. Children will work on building a robot from September to February to compete in the month of February.


STEM Tech classes will include, but not limited to Robotics, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, Game Design, Bloxels, Mindstorms.  We will introduce the new technology as it becomes available.

This class will require a device.


Kids will be exposed to a variety Art mediums, including acrylic on canvas, water color, charcoal, oil pastels, and a variety of sculpture techniques. The students will be introduced to different art techniques and get to use various professional art supplies. They will learn about artists who have used or worked with the materials that they will be introduced to.

*** Student to teacher ratio is maintained at 5:1 for all of the classes

Typical ages for each level are below:

Level 0 - ages 4-6

Level I - grades K-2

Level II - grades 2-4

Level III - grades 4-6

Level IV - grades 6-8

Level V - grades 8+